Common printer problems and solutions Date:08-03 1. The laser printer has been warmed up for more than 2 minutes or the shape is not firm enough, and the characters fall off.(1) Whether the indoor t [Detail]
What should do when missing printing Date:07-01 What should do when missing printing [Detail]
What to do if there is a gray background when printing Date:06-02 1.Low temperature and high humidityToner cartridges have high requirements on temperature and humidityIf the printing environment is too low or too hi [Detail]
Toner Cartridge Storage and Placement Method Date:05-07 Toner cartridge as the heart of the printer with high requirements on light and heat. Exposure and high temperature will directly affect the printing [Detail]
The reason of blank pages after filled powder Date:04-03 When people used laser toner cartridges , they will choose to fill them with toner that can save costs.However, sometimes the toner cartridge printed [Detail]
The NO.1 Copier Brand in the South African Market Date:03-16 Aaccording to annual research results from market data expert Info Source:Kyocera ranks first in the South African copier / multifunctional machine ma [Detail]
KYOCERA RELEASED TWO A4 COLOR MULTIFUNCTION COPIERS Date:02-26 In January 2020, Kyocera released two A4 color multifunction copiers TASKalfa 408ci / 508ci in Europe. The printing speed of this model is 40ppm, whic [Detail]
3D PRINTED GLOVE THAT CAN MIMIC FINGER PRINTS Date:03-11 Finger print scanner testing is under threat with new technologies that have been developed by researchers at Michigan State University (MSU). [Detail]
KYOCERA TASKalfa 406ci Highly Recommended by Buyers Laboratory Date:01-09 KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc., Anounced that Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) has certified the Kyocera TASKalfa 406ci multifunctional products (MFP) as [Detail]
Kyocera Launches 10 New MFPS Date:09-13 KYOCERA Document Solutions, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, launches five new colour and five new monochrome A3 multifunctio [Detail]
KYOCERA opens European Intellectual Property Office in Esslingen, Germany Date:07-15 Japanese patent engineer Katsuhiko Ochi is set to act as a liaison between Kyocera Japan and Europe to handle patent matters in the European market. [Detail]
KYOCERA Opens New Manufacturing Facility in China for Industrial Cutting Tools Date:06-27 Kyocera Corporation (President: Goro Yamaguchi) announced that it completed a new manufacturing facility in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, China, aim [Detail]
UniNet has launched new multipurpose toners for Kyocera devices Date:05-19 The new products include UniNet Absolute Black® toner for use in Kyocera TK 112, 67, 55, 50, 20, 18, 17, FS 3820, 3800, 1920, 1900, 1700, 1020, 1000, [Detail]
KYOCERA Document Solutions revolutionises A4 printing Date:05-03 TK-5205; TK-5215;TK-5195 Toner cartridge will be come out soon,for use in Kyocera TASKalfa 406ci, 356ci and 306ci. [Detail]
Open Platform to Accelerate 3D Printing Date:04-01 3D printing isn’t new, but four things hampered its growth: speed, price, quality of parts, and the closed nature of the industry. [Detail]
Ricoh Unveils Its 1c/page Printer Date:09-14 Ricoh has launched a new laser printer targeted at workgroups looking for affordable, reliable color in higher-than-average volumes. [Detail]
Refurbishing Market to Hit $50 Billion Date:08-15 Big retailers, including Amazon, Shopclues, Foxconn and Overcart expect the refurbishing market in India will be worth more than US$50 billion by 2020 [Detail]
Kyocera Document Solutions America Intros New Ecological and Economical Workgroup Color MFP Date:07-16 KYOCERA Document Solutions America, one of the world's leading document solutions companies, announced the launch of a new multifunctional printer ( [Detail]
Inkjet most common printers today Date:06-29 To select the right printer for your specific needs, you need to understand the difference between inkjet, laser, color, photo, dot matrix, bar code, [Detail]
Canon sets 10% sales growth this year Date:05-15  Canon Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd aims to increase its sales by 10% to RM720 million this year, boosted by its established foothold in digital printers, c [Detail]
Merry Christmas 2014 Date:12-16 Merry Christmas 2014 [Detail]
Cartridge World Launches New PR Campaign Date:08-04 Cartridge World is launching a new PR Campaign called"Stop the Ink-sanity & rdquo to spread the word about the pricing tactics of printer manufacture [Detail]
Canon Continues to Add Printers Date:06-23 Canon has been very busy as of late bringing new printer models to market [Detail]
ABOUT PRINT-RITE Date:06-11 develop and manufacture products in the after market printer consumable industry. Print-Rite's subsidiaries provide more than 4,000 products [Detail]
Print-Rite Makes A Revolutionary Change in Printer Cartridge Application Systems by Introducing Gro Date:05-10 Print-Rite Makes A Revolutionary Change in Printer Cartridge Application Systems by Introducing Groundbreaking Compatible Laser Toner Cartridges with [Detail]
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